How to hold a contest

If you would like to hold unofficial events at a WCA competition (A) or create an unofficial competition (B) or meetup (C), follow these steps:

1. Create an account and send an email to with this information:

1.1. Username

1.2. WCA ID

1.3. Name of the competition/meetup you are organizing

2. Once an admin grants you moderator privileges and ties your competitor profile to your account, log out and log back in. You will now be able to find the "Mod Dashboard" button in the user section in the navbar. Go to that page.

C1. If you are holding a speedcuber meetup, select the Meetup contest type and fill out the meetup details.

C2. Instead of a schedule, meetups require a start time, and there is no end date, since meetups can only be one day long.

C3. The rest of the process is the same as WCA Competition.