Cubing Contests

This is a place for hosting unofficial Rubik's cube competitions, unofficial events held at WCA competitions, speedcuber meetups, and other unofficial events.

The events are split up into multiple categories: Unofficial, WCA, Extreme BLD, and Miscellaneous. Extreme BLD events are not meant to be done in a competition-like setting, but instead need to be submitted individually with video evidence. Some other events also allow submitted results.

Holding a contest

Cubing Contests is an open platform where anyone can hold their competitions and meetups. However, you must first be granted moderator access to be able to create new contests. If you would like to hold unofficial events at a WCA competition or create an unofficial competition or meetup, you must first read the moderator instructions.

Please note that an unofficial competition can only be hosted on Cubing Contests if it's infeasible for it to be held as an official WCA competition.
Moderator instructions

Supporting the project

Cubing Contests is fully free to use, open source, and has no ads. Community donations help with the ongoing development and maintenance of the project.



For general inquiries, send an email to