How to hold a contest

If you would like to hold unofficial events at a WCA competition (A) or create an unofficial competition (B) or meetup (C), follow these steps:

1. Create an account and send an email to with this information:

1.1. Username

1.2. WCA ID

1.3. Name of the competition/meetup you are organizing

2. Once an admin grants you moderator privileges and ties your competitor profile to your account, log out and log back in. You will now be able to find the "Mod Dashboard" button in the user section in the navbar. Go to that page.

A1. If you are holding unofficial events at a WCA competition, first you must wait until it's approved on the WCA website. Then you can click on "Create new contest", enter the ID of the competition from the WCA website, select the "WCA Competition" contest type, and click "Get WCA competition details".

A2. Edit the editable fields, if necessary. You can also add additional organizers (e.g. those who are organizing the unofficial events, but aren't listed on the WCA page). All users with moderator privileges who are listed here will have access to edit the competition and do data entry. Use the description input to add additional details, if necessary. The description supports Markdown links, so you can add them using this syntax: [text](link).

A3. Go to the "Events" tab and select all events and rounds you would like to hold.

A4. Go to the "Schedule" tab and add all rounds to the schedule. You must first enter the rooms and then add the schedule activities with the correct room selected for each round. Custom activities can also be added.

A5. Click "Create Contest" and wait for an admin to approve the competition, at which point it will become visible on the "Contests" page on the website. You may still edit some of the details after creation.

A6. Once the competition is approved, you should create an "Unofficial Events" tab on the competition's WCA page and add some information for competitors, as well as a link to the Cubing Contests competition page.

A7. To do data entry, click "Results" on the moderator dashboard, select the event and round, and start entering results. The tooltips explain how to enter competitors and results. If you would like to add a competitor without a WCA ID, and they aren't already in the Cubing Contests database, you can add new competitors on the "Add New Competitor" page. You can access this page from the moderator dashboard, or by clicking (add new person) when searching for a competitor in the competitor input. Data entry can be fully done using just the keyboard.

A8. Once you have entered all results and finished double-checking, click "Finish" on the moderator dashboard. Once an admin publishes the competition, the results will be included in the rankings.

B1. If you are holding an unofficial competition, this works almost the same way as hosting unofficial events at a WCA competition, except you must use the "Competition" contest type and fill out the contest details manually.

C1. If you are holding a speedcuber meetup, select the "Meetup" contest type and fill out the meetup details.

C2. Instead of a schedule, meetups require a start time, and there is no end date, since meetups can only be one day long.